Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bad sports show and a Monster named Kulka...

Got the opportunity on Monday to join the Big Bad Sports Show on Rogers Television and took some photos during the show, much to the joy of host Tony House. I pretty much guaranteed to never get invited back. Also, below photos of the "Kulkster" from my Wed morning beating during the email segment. Who knew if you made fun of a former professional wrestler they get mad. Kulka owes me $80 for the shirt he ripped, which I plan to take from him if he doesn't pay up. If you're a former wrestler and would like to help, please email me. Be Red tonight at the game and I'll probably take your photo and put it up here tomorrow.

Tony doing the intro...about to smack me. Daytime's Derek Faige finding something on the back of Tony's chair more interesting the opening of the show.

Ottawa Lynx GM Kyle Bostwick. One day when he's in the big leagues, I plan to send this to ESPN and Sports Illustrated.

All this time I thought Tony did it all off the top of his head...what's next, news about the Easter Bunny?

Reason why the show was fun......Vodka.


Trust me, it's a good that this photo is out of focus....this was taken just after Kulka ripped the shirt off.

This is "the Kulkster"...yah you'd be scared too!