Tuesday, April 17, 2007

License and registration please...

On my drive into work this morning I got pulled over for speeding. Apparently I had confused my current vehicle with a Ferarri F430 and am now stuck paying a $330 ticket. Was I called out for it this morning by TGOR nation? Oh...yeah, and for good reason.

When the cop pulled me over he asked "have you been pulled over for speeding in the last 2 years?", to which I said "...yup..."

I figured, no point in lying because he's going to find out in a matter of seconds on his laptop if was telling the truth or not. They can tell you what you got on your grade 2 math test with those things.

Most of us have been guilty of the lead foot at some point, whether it's hovering around 120 on the Queensway, or flying down a busy street, speeding is wrong and it took a hefty fine and another "talk" from the wife on how dumb it is.

The next time I fly down the road, it will be in a Ferrari...on a closed track.

Oh and FYI: It's seat belt enforcement month...so buckle up.