Sunday, April 1, 2007

Please enter your wash code now...

After a season of complaints from Sens fans who shelled out 10 bucks for pay per view, I'd like to take a page out of those rants and ask gas station owners if they actually use soap in their automated car washes. After paying almost $11 for the "Ultimate, super, wow, holy crap its so good for your car" wash, I lost 27 minutes of my life waiting in a lineup 7 deep for this minor miracle.

When I finally got through the whole experience I looked at the car and to my shock, it was still dirty and I felt the need to complain. But to who? Write a letter to the big gas company? The response would be right out of "Public Relations 101....thank you for your recent purchase with our company and while we pride ourselves on the highest quality of customer service...blah blah blah".

Unlike Sens PPV, these car washes have been around forever and if the one's with the brushes scratch your car and the high pressure washes barely do the job, where's a dirty car supposed to go? From now on, I'll spend the extra twoonie and go to those places where they actually wash your car with soap and a rag.

I could have save a few bucks and gone to this place, but passed: