Friday, May 11, 2007

Buffalo Sabres, bad songs and Alfie....

What a busy week on TGOR...

For the fans reading this from Buffalo, TGOR stands for "Three Guys On the Radio".

The "the" silent.

10-15 minutes later, Buffalo fan has reached this point of the blog after figuring it out.

Let me wrap up the last few days on the show for those of you who missed it:

4 Days of lead up to game 1, sports talk station in Barfalo comes out with rehashed parody song and makes it on Sportsnet, Steve Warne responds with 2 songs, One of our songs makes it on Sportsnet, Barfalo morning guys come on our show and the "you suck/no you suck" fest goes on for 60 seconds, Barfalo morning show does many lame parodies before the end of the week proving that you can pump out crap every 2 minutes in the city that Norwood built.

I think most Sens fans know that game 2 is going to be a heck of a lot tighter and in a true and perfect world the Senators would finally break the game 2 curse and come home up 2-0, eventually sweeping the mighty Sabres in 4 games.

If this is meant to be our year, I hope John Muckler stands in between Saprykin and Comrie at the parade with a big smile on his face and a message to the naysayers "Do you still want me to sign Roberts?" Muckler is too classy and he's been in hockey long enough to remember scouting Howie Morenz so I'm sure he's developed a thick skin, but there's something sweet about silencing your critics.

One last thing...a buddy of mine saw this on one of the 8000 Sens forums and I thought it would a great idea to pass along. You know how the home crowd was chanting Alfie, Alfie, Alfie during the last series and he scored? From now on whenever #11 gets the puck, chant his name like wild.

It's's round 3.

More Sens tix to win next week on TGOR.