Monday, May 7, 2007

The Biggest piece of crap...

Comes out of Buffalo this morning (no I'm not talking about the Bills playoff chances this year) but their local sports station has come up with another anti Sens song for round 3.

MEMO TO THE WORLD, and those in Buffalo:

Adam Sandler's Hanukkah song is funny every year......during the festive season.

Come up with a new song, or something creative. Who could forget last years brilliant hit,

"ahahahahahahahahah I am Zedennnnnoooooo Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaara...agagagagagaagagagagahhh"

After 2 rounds of Steve Warne's "I hate the Penguins" and "I hate the Devils" it's safe to say that his next creation will be a top ten hit.

Good Luck Lindy...Sens in 6.

I'm not worried about any negative responses from those in B-Town because they're still a a few years away from the Internet and running water.

(Relax Sabre's all in good fun. Now get out of our way, you're blocking the road to Stanley)