Friday, June 29, 2007

Golf...Canada Day and Sens

At the BOMA tournament with President Ian Fisher. If you've listened to TGOR for at least 5 seconds, I'm sure you could come up with your own caption...

Thanks to the group and Zenix for their support...

One of the rewards of getting up at 3:30 in the morning is the chance to go out and host golf tournaments. Now with a 16 month old at home, most dad's will agree that no matter who you're married to, you just don't get to go out as much as you like. So in most cases, I just emcee the dinner, hand out some prizes and tell bad recycled jokes from another tournament. My game is in the crapper, although I did get a great piece of advice on how to control my hook. my instructor (Gord Percy) told me to give up golf but was also kind enough to advise me to open up the club face. After he explained it to me further with a powerpoint presentation and I saw what he meant, I can finally hit the ball. Only question now is, will I do it on a consistent basis.

Now, from golf to hockey I sincerely hope the Sens make some moves on free agent day this Sunday. All week we heard the same names thrown around and only Bryan Murray knows for sure what's going to happen. Speaking of which, there's still a vacant job on the bench in Ottawa, so if you think you have a busy summer with all your work around the house, imagine the laundry list of things for the GM.

1. Hire a coach
2. Sign Emery
3. What about Wade
4. What about Gerber...
5. How much $$ is left to sign key guys and will they come to Ottawa...and why the heck not, this team did after all go the finals.

And the list goes on.

When you wake up with your hangover Monday morning, Angry Al joins AJ and I and you'll hear 2 things on the show:

1. The NHL Free agent post mortem, who the Sens signed and didn't sign...all the second guessing will begin from emailers...

2. A beating from either Angry or AJ (if AJ has a good weekend at Mac's Milk, then I'm okay. It's Angry I'm worried about).

Happy Canada Day, Don't drink and drive and play safe.

If your buddy after 8 pints says "Hey, wanna see me open a beer bottle without using my hands or teeth" stop him. Or record it and post it on the web.