Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why celebs make me puke...

There's an old saying that "there's no such thing as bad publicity" and to that I present Lindsay Lohan. Even if you haven't heard the story, it's a classic case of a major star with tons of cash who can't keep it together by getting into trouble for the 1000th time. We in the media report it partly because:

A. It fills space in the paper
B. It fills time on radio/TV
C. It will give me something to bitch about in my blog, which lacks content on a daily basis.

Forgive me for being a conspiracy theorist but she does have a new movie opening up this weekend right? I'm not suggesting that her PR people tell her to get in trouble, but the timing in some cases is often a little too convenient. Celebs for the most part are good people making a living doing what they love while the rest of us work to pay off the mortgage before were 90. There's a growing portion of the rich and famous that for some reason or another can't keep their head's on straight.

Take Micheal Vick, who apparently needs a hobby because being a QB in the NFL isn't challenging enough. Go get yourself 7 Escalades, pimp them out one for everyday of the week and leave fido alone.

On a completely different note, good on the Sens re-signing Cristoph Shubert. He'll make about 900k a season which is good cake any way you slice it. This guy delivers every night and is a big body that can play pretty much anywhere. He doesn't have the Fisher star appeal but is one of those guys that every team needs. Selfishly I like the fact that Ray Emery will be an Ottawa Senator for the next 3 years. Expect the hangtime on his name to be at least 6 minutes by year 3.