Thursday, August 23, 2007

24 hours later....

Now that the Senators new uni's have been out for 24 hours I can finally answer all the questions from fellow facebookers want to know what I think of the new look (Hey, 6 people asked...) While I miss the stripe along the bottom, the logo looks meaner and less "cartoonish" which everyone from Chris Neil to Joe fan has used to describe it. To be honest, I don't really care that it does more things to enhance the game for the players because I don't play in the NHL. The one cool feature as seen in person is the fact that you can pour water on it and it glides right off. The other big selling point is this patch on the shoulders, modelled by Brian McGrattan.

Here's where the Sens get an A+ (Note to former Renegades brass - this is why you should have put an "R" on the helmets, honoring the past history). This "O" pays tribute to the original Sens squad from the early days who dominated a young league winning 11 Stanley Cups.

This is what the new logo looks like on the floor of the Sens dressing room. Step on it and get a beating from #16, 25, 4, 12 etc...

Kudos to the Sens for continuing to recognize their alumni, bringing back Brad Marsh, Laurie Boschman, Rob Murphy and Ron Tugnutt at the logo unveiling. This franchise doesn't have the benefit of a long list of greats like the Habs, Leafs and Wings (just to name a few...) and is about to kickoff it's 15th season, with no doubt an Eastern Conference banner heading to the rafters on opening night.....against the Leafs.

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