Saturday, August 25, 2007

Why is there a locomotive smiling at me?...

Anyone with kids will know that when a cartoon character comes to town, consider yourself added to the list of parents that will be waiting in line to buy tickets. Thomas the Train is in town until tomorrow (Sun) at the Ottawa Central Railway and once you pay the $18 fee to get in, there's surprisingly a big bang for your buck. For starters, Thomas the Train leaves every hour on the hour for a 20 minute trip (at no additional cost), there's activity stations for the kids where they can draw or just play with a number of mini trains set up. Granted, there is a souvenir shop with Thomas' face on just about everything you can think of.

Best way to get there take Johnston (Southbank Dogde at the corner) from Bank street South, make a left on Albion South and follow the signs. There's Free parking and give yourself about an hour and a half for all the stuff.