Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ahh yes...

One of the most common questions I get is, "how do you put up with all that constant abuse on TGOR" and the reality is when you have a nickname in front of your given name the heat is going to come on a regular basis.

(Buzzy boo bear...)

Throw in the constant last place finishes in sports pools, weekly doghouse stories from getting in trouble with my wife and daily out of left field comments and it's a perfect recipe for a friendly daily ass whooping on a morning show.

What amazes me though is the fan support of the show, many TGOR nation followers know more about our show then their better half. Savvy veterans like the Matrix, Billy the kid, Colin, Big Rick, Godfarmer of soul, Marko with a K, T Bone, Man Stretch Lou, Bill
"Retired President Anti Yes/No Faction", Mr. P, The Motocross, and Kim all get their emails read on a daily basis because the content is usually strong and relates to the show.

The following email will not get read (but shown all over the web..):


Yur show suck and I think Stuntstupid stew is a loser mand should be fird. Bring back Jim Rome.

This is a typical spineless email from a hotmail account so I'll assume it came from the following:

1. Someone who's never made it past grade 2 English
2. Someone who thinks they're a genius connecting stupid with Stu
3. Someone who doesn't know that Jim Rome is currently on 12-3

Now, regulars will assume the Defence card and I can take a hit better then anybody but if you have any stones at all, sign your emails from a legitimate account and crawl out from the rock of the Internet forums and own up to whatever criticism you have and you'll be taken seriously.

On that note, Leafs suck and Jon Fergossun should be fird. Bring back Dug Gilemore.