Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trick or Treat...

The annual celebrity carving contest is back at area malls and from now till late Saturday afternoon you can see various pumpkins carved by your favorite "media" types, politicians and athletes. All proceeds benefit Children at Risk which supports Autistic children and their families in the Ottawa Region. Below is the TGOR entry which took me 17 minutes to create. If you want TGOR on your porch scaring the neighbours for Halloween, you'll find it at Merivale mall where you can bid on the signup sheet. Buzz would like to go on record that he doesn't approve of our Blue Team bashing.

Too bad Buzz. Answer your door this year when the kiddies come looking
for candy. Better yet, maybe not.

TGOR's Tribute to Darcy Tucker. When void of ideas, it never hurts going this route.