Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What a difference a year can make.

This time last year Sens fans were calling for the heads of everybody involved with the club to be fired, (much like what's going on in Leaf land) and thankfully cooler heads prevailed and the Sens made it all the way to the Cup final. So what does one member of TGOR have to complain about when your team is 9-1 after 10 games?

Goaltending? Nope.
First line not contributing. Nope
Lack of depth at the blueline. Nope

We need a new scoreboard, preferably in HD and better then the new one they just got in Barfalo. Yes, lone Sabre fan reading this from the computer at the back of the Anchor Bar, I called your town Barfalo. Your hockey team is a shadow of it's former self and football team could potentially be heading North of the border, but you do have a nice looking boob tube.

So how much could one of these things go for anyways? 2, 3 Million? Pocket change for Mr. Melnyk.

(Says Senators PA announcer who assumes AND hopes his boss has a good sense of humor)

Okay, that's all I got. They're 9-1 for Pete's sake and thankfully back with the Thrashers on Thursday. Keep listening to TGOR to win your way in to ALL the games.