Sunday, November 18, 2007

Santa and Buzz.

If you've ever listened to TGOR for more then 5 minutes you know that Buzz hates people.

When I found that the bosses forced him to make an appearance at this weekend's Help Santa Toy Parade, well let's just say I needed to see it for myself. Yup, there he was smiling waving at the kiddies and hamming it up with Spartacat. After the Sens 3-0 loss to the Leafs later that night, I'm convinced that Buzz screwed with the Sens karma and needs to go back to not opening his door on Halloween, not putting up Christmas lights and being the thorn in the side of Sens fans all over Ottawa and the Valley.

How many people do you know that smile when getting a choke hold?

If the Garlic King ever goes down due to injury, this is his backup.

So while Buzz and I were at the daytime parade, our resident Mayor Steve Warne was entertaining his constituents with witty commentary at the Barrhaven parade of lights. I don't have an official transcript from the event but I'm sure he did a condensed Blue Team elimination watch for all the kids.

As for our fine producer Kenny, he didn't take part in any of the parades, but our sources said he was seen drinking at many of the Byward Market establishments.

More Sens tickets to win this week.