Friday, November 9, 2007

True class.

We had the chance to speak with former Habs Rejean Houle and Yvan Cournoyer this week on TGOR as we get set for the 10th annual celebrity sports dinner this coming Tuesday.

(You can listen to both here

I've been fortunate enough to meet almost every member of that 70's Habs dynasty squad (with the one exception being Ken Dryden) and all I can say is these guys carry themselves like the hockey legends that we expect and never disappoint. I chased Henri Richard into the can at the Bell center once for an autograph and he was more then happy to oblige....once he finished. Most of these guys who played in a former life are showing up everywhere these days. Charity events, corporate gigs, restaurant openings and when they walk in a room everyone notices. Be sure to listen in Monday morning for Steve Shutt and a treat for Bruins fans Tuesday morning. Later that afternoon, Team 1200 will be live from the Civic Center Salons with plenty more interviews from the sports dinner.

Now, speaking of class...despite a Sens loss to Washington the other night, full credit to Alex Ovechkin for coming out during the 3 star selection and to the Ottawa crowd for cheering him. The same thing happened last week when Bruins goalie Tim Thomas came out and got a warm reception from the crowd at Scotiabank Place (Why the NHL doesn't make this mandatory is beyond me). Regardless of how much someone paid to come and see you, come out and acknowledge the crowd who's essentially paying your hobby for 8 to 10 years. It's 10 seconds out of your night, regardless of the score.

Heads up: More Sens tickets to win next week and listen to round 2 of our newest contest - "The Obnoxious Rock DJ"...

To quote one of our regular emailers (Bill President, Bring Back Fix the Facts/ Retired President Anti Yes/No Faction)

Have a great Remembrance Day weekend. On Sunday, take time to remember the sacrifices of our soldiers both past and present.