Monday, December 10, 2007

Tales from the laptop...

I'm on the shelf for a week recovering from hernia surgery and have come to the conclusion that I actually miss work. When I was a kid, the chance to stay at home for a week would have been like winning the lottery. Recovering from hernia surgery feels like your getting kicked in the junk every five minutes. Thankfully, I found an old Pez dispenser and have loaded it with painkillers.

Some random thoughts from day 1 of the week off...

I've been watching a ton of TV and flipped on the Price is Right for some good old comfort from Bob Barker. Then to my surprise, his replacement Drew Carey is on he's not that bad. I read one cynical review of the show during Carey's first week and it crapped all over Carey's performance, but give a guy a chance to make his mark.

Back to the local news the big story is that Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brien was charged today with "allegations of election campaign wrongdoing" and could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted. 10 years for trying to win an election while Jeffrey Arenburg who shot and killed CJOH sportscaster Brian Smith walks free. No problem up here with our justice system.

And finally, the Senators are home for a few days before heading back out on the road to face Carolina (Wed), Pittsburgh (Thu) and will use some time this afternoon to make some kids at CHEO feel like a million bucks.