Wednesday, December 12, 2007

TV, Larry and a hottie named Ingrid...

More notes from sickbay....

Watching ESPN classics channel, "Highlights from a classic game between Ottawa and Hamilton, on Oct 15, 2004". Who could have imagined 3 years ago that we'd be sitting without a football team just 3 years later. Oh wait, just about everyone.

I'm flipping between that and the celeb obsessed which now has a show where you can watch stars act like a-holes on the Hollywood strip. What kills me is when a former A lister like Woody Harrelson who's done nothing worthwhile since Cheers ended 15 years ago, gets upset when there's a lens up in his face. Woody, if you don't like the cameras move to Quyon.

There's a new group on Facebook calling for Larry Obrien to leave office until the whole court case is over. The best comments come from people who've never read the story, but "heard from a friend about it". The fact remains, you or I weren't at the table when Larry allegedly offered Terry Kilrea anything and if Larry is going to fight it, good on him. Do I think he should be in office while the shitstorm is going on around him? I wouldn't have gone for the job in the first place. One knows better. City hall, Queens Park and Parliament Hill are run by career politicians. There should be a sign out front that reads "NO FORMER SUCCESSFULL BUSINESS PEOPLE ALLOWED HERE", we'd rather throw away your overtaxed money into the system and keep it that way.

And then they wonder in great amazement why voter turnout is low come election time. Here's an idea, try running the city, province and country instead of accusing another MP of looking at his girlfriend on his laptop. What I love the most about the Obrien story is some of the councillors swirling around him just itching for a shot at his chair. (Diane Deans, Alex Cullen for some reason come to mind...)

On another note, I did discover a hot new host on the food network so life isn't all that bad..