Monday, January 21, 2008

Pound of Flesh...

There seemed to be some debate after today’s show on why none of the Sens went after Steve Downie for his pre-season hit on Dean McAmmond. Buzz was the lone supporter of the “getting your pound of flesh” theory while Steve and I shared the opposite opinion. If you’ve ever played sports, regardless of the level there’s an animal instinct in all of us that wants payback for a dirty hit. I’ve been guilty of it in pick up hockey where a guy cross checked me and I wanted to hit him back just as hard on the next play. You know the deal, as you make your way back to the bench all you're thinking is “number 22 is mine next shift”. There’s 2 ways you deal with the Downie incident as an Ottawa Senator; Go out and play the game and try to win or spend 60 minutes on one kid who’s trying to make his mark in the NHL. I was just as mad as many Sens fans when I saw the Downie hit and that instinct in me wanted him to pay the price, but the guy got smacked with a 20 game suspension and life moves on. Some emailers this morning have questioned the Sens toughness and a few even said they would be first round exits from the playoffs. Really? I should get you to pick my Super 7 numbers from now on. There’s lots of passion in Sens country on this issue, but we're not that far removed from a similar “pound of flesh” story a few years ago and it reads “Bertuzzi on Moore”. I don’t really want to see Chris Neil on his way to court for a revenge attack anymore then you do. The Sens are without 2 main keys to their offense right now and trying to salvage what they can. Imagine going to your favorite restaurant for dinner where the head chef is sick and your regular server is off for the night. Chances are pretty good the experience won’t be as good as it was a few weeks ago. It’s a long season and what really matters is what happens in April, not mid January.

That said, keep listening to TGOR to win your way to the next home game, Jan 31st against Boston.