Saturday, February 2, 2008

Another week in the books..

What a week on TGOR.

Looking back through my notes this week most of the conversation, no...all of the conversation was about Ray Emery. It wasn't a good week for Razor and we can only hope that he goes into Toronto tonight and beat the Leafs, otherwise Monday's show is going to be another "trade him, get rid of him, send him to the minors" all over again. In a true and perfect world the Sens will beat the Leafs 10-2 and the Patriots will win on Sunday and cover the spread.

Still on the Sens, Emery donated his $15,000 fine to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario on Friday. A PR move for sure, but I don't see the folks at CHEO complaining. Maybe every time Spezza turns the puck over he donates an XBOX with his NHL 2K8 game?

What confuses me and many Sens fans is how this team can go head to head with the Red Wings a few weeks ago and play a stinker like they did the other night against Boston. Give the Bruins credit, the played a good game and it's got to be difficult for the Sens to be without Alfie and Heatley but what happens if they both go down in the playoffs? Then again where would most teams be without their top 2 guys.

ON another topic, if you listen to us on a regular basis:

A. You already have a good sense of humor
B. You're probably missing late night TV
C. Like Dean Brown, your radio is broken and Team 1200 is the only station coming through

If you answered A and B, enjoy this clip from the Jimmy Kimmel show: