Friday, March 7, 2008

Give me a break...

Interesting topic on the show this morning, no not about the Sens losing to the WORST team in the NHL, but about putting your own name on a hockey jersey. When I bought my Sens jersey I put “Stuntman” on the back with number 39. As I expected, the response was typical “that’s gay, only a loser puts his name on the back, what are you twelve?”.

Ask anyone with a Yashin Jersey if they still wear it? The way players are moved around in sports today what’s the point of spending the $$$ only to leave it in your closet after the player has left for more money somewhere else (#33 Chara).

Look around the rink next time and you’ll see plenty of Sens jerseys with a variety of names on the back. Wear your jersey, put whatever the heck you want on the back and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Screw you Steve Warne!

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