Monday, March 17, 2008

Senators, new daddy and other random thoughts..

Been off for a week getting used to having another little one around the house as my wife and I are parents for a second time. We had a baby girl last week and she takes after daddy in only one way.....She can out fart both me and her brother.

Thankfully my wife doesn't take part.

They blank the Canadiens only to follow it up with a stinker in Raleigh. After the Habs game Jason Spezza talked about how jacked up he gets playing in Montreal and how exciting it is. Memo to #19 and the rest of cast:

When heading into an arena against 2 former mates who have had the date circled on their calendar since they were shipped out of town, could you find it within you to get somewhat pumped for the game?

Now to be fair, I didn't see 2 seconds of Sunday's game but after listening to the show (TGOR) and reading the papers (in between diaper changing and early morning feedings) it seems that Corvo did most of the damage. I don't remember #7 getting any hat tricks as a Senator and if he's happy being anonymous in a non traditional hockey market well congrats Joe, you stuck it to Bryan Murray. I think it was Buzz this morning who said "Let's wait until the playoffs before we decide who got the better end of that deal" and he's right. Ask the New England Patriots now if losing a few in the regular season would have taken the sting out of losing the one that really matters.

So let me get this straight...first he gets nothing, then the league has another VHS copy of the game and then he gets 8 games? How does Colin Campbell do the math on this stuff. I've heard a few expert opinions on the issue and I'm still confused.

Chris Simon has been suspended 8 times gets 30 games
Chris Pronger has been suspended 8 times gets 8 games

The most common argument I hear is "You would take him on your team in a second" Sorry No, I wouldn't. I'll find a way to clone Chris Phillps 6 times before I ever take a selfish "star" player like Pronger.

As much as I despise the pin stripes (for no other reason but to antagonize Buzz) I think it was cool to see them give Billy Crystal a 60th birthday present and let him get one at bat at a spring training game. Baseball purists were crying foul how the Yankees should be taking spring training more seriously. Spring training highlights only make the network sportscast so you'll have something to get excited about when there's snow outside your window.

This was our second child born at the QCH and even though we went through it 2 years ago it was right back to square one for my wife and I. The nursing staff are truly amazing and do everything possible to make sure mom and baby are doing okay. If I could make one suggestion from the dad point of view, put up some LCD's in the rooms so we can watch TSN in HD while holding our new bundle of joy and watching hockey.

I'm kidding.
Go with Plasmas instead.

Happy St. Patrick's Day and if your co-worker shows up hungover, go get a tuna sandwich from the vending machine and put it on their desk. It will be the best $4 you ever spent.