Monday, July 21, 2008

Sailing the high seas....sort of

2 years ago I'm standing on stage at the Congress Center auctioning off the following package:

"Backyard BBQ with the Team 1200's Stuntman Stu! 10 mouth watering delicious steaks from the Butchery in Bells Corners with lobster from the Pelican on Bank St, prepared by Stu"

Now, having sold this package in the past it usually goes for around $1700 and a good time is had by all. That night a businessman is bidding against Mayor Larry O'Brien and much to my surprise pays $2600 to be entertained and fed by yours truly, all in support of the Canadian Paraplegic association. I'm thinking, who in their right mind would pay that kind of cash for a clown on the radio? Turns out the guy is David Luxton. Since I didn't have a copy of millionaire weekly, I wasn't familiar with him but I'm told that night that he's a big wig and runs an even bigger company called Allan-Vanguard. We're introduced and he says "can you do this BBQ on my boat?" without even consulting with the steak and lobster sponsors, I say "sure...anything for you dude..."

Fast forward to last Friday and I'm on a yacht on the Ottawa River with steak, lobster and a charcoal BBQ that Mark from the Butchery brought along because when someone shells out $2600 for meat they don't want it served on the Coleman gas stove. Throw in the threat of a thunderstorm and we're on our way. 90 minutes later, Mark has the Q all fired up, I'm running from the bow to the stern adding potatoes, salad and lobster to the plate and into the guests laps where rave reviews are glowing based on the smell in the air.

The night goes much longer then anticipated, our host gives us an unforgettable view of the Ottawa river and we all arrive back at the Hull dock with a night full of great memories. Thanks to Mr. Luxton, the guests on board, the Butchery and Pelican for their support.

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