Saturday, August 30, 2008

A 60 chance of showers...

That's how I'll remember the summer of 2008.

After Buzzed passed away in late July, the rest of the summer seemed to fade for me. It was weird every morning looking to my left and not seeing the Leaf/Yankee fan with a story about arm candy nation. Buzz always talked about how much fun it was going on a 67's road trip and I plan to go this winter with a box of Don Tomas for head coach and GM Brian Kilrea in exchange for a bus ticket. A big thanks to Steve Lloyd and Jon Abbot for stepping in over the last month and filling in. For the rest of the summer I kept busy emceeing memorable golf tournaments for a variety of causes, watching and judging the Casino de Lac Leamy fireworks and got the constant out of office replys from friends "Thanks for your email, but I'm on vacation and not back until Sept 2nd, if your matter is of urgent nature please email".

So we move into fall which is my favorite time of year because the insanity starts up again. I'll walk by the Halloween display at Costco 27 times between now and Oct 31st and only an hour before the kids ring the bell, run out and buy more because I never have enough. (You don't want to be known as the house that only gives one lollipop...)

The other thing I look forward to is hockey starting up, and while we're still over a month away from a regular season game in the NHL, training camps open in 2 weeks and junior hockey starts soon. The Senators will look different on the blue line, gone are Redden and Meszaros while local boy Brendan Bell looks to make the squad full time. I can't imagine any Senator was thrilled about last season's early playoff exit and going from the extreme high one season to the ultimate low the next should be the ultimate motivation for these guys to compete. Now that Wade is gone, I expect Jason Spezza to be the Sens scapegoat every time the team loses regardless if he was in the lineup or not. Don't get me wrong, every player on that team is accountable and if they've played poorly, expect a full post mortem on TGOR the next morning.

More Sens, 67's, World Junior and Superbowl tix to win this year on TGOR....