Friday, August 22, 2008

Jungle Jim 2.0......

I'm sure Steve will have more to say on his blog about Jungle's return but I'm looking forward to working with him starting September 1st.

Most of today's emails wondered the following:

1. Will Jimmy make it in on time?
2. Will the Yes/No game make a return?

All I know for sure is that our studio line (613-750-1200) stays the same. Over the next few weeks, the suits will be busy with pie charts and audience research data to see how the show will go forward. I don't expect much to change but after spending the last 2 years taking it from the emailers (and the occasional visit from Angry Al) mix in Jungle's wit combined with Steve Warne's daily assault, means I'm most likely going to continue as TGOR's whipping boy.

Oh well, there's worse ways to make a being the guy who had to take this picture of Jungle during his brief Edmonton radio show.

Steve, Stu and Jungle Jim
Three Guys on the Radio - TGOR

Monday September 1st 5:30-9am