Thursday, August 14, 2008

Got Milk?

Taken from a milking competition earlier this summer..

I lost a bet.

Here are the top 10 comments from the TGOR tagline caption contest.

 I still getting the milk for free? Jim Finnie

Hey, I let you play with my teats but there's no kissing. Jeff Wright

"MOOOOve over Connie...he's mine now!! Shirly Caibaiosai

Scientists have finally discovered the source of Mad Cow Disease! Reza S. Dowlatshahi

"I hope she's kosher" Andre Bergeron

“If you’re looking for milk, you’re sucking in the wrong place, radio boy.” Rick Milks

“What? No Tongue?” Steven Rennick

“Holy me, you have a big nose!!!….MoooooooMarko Stepa (with a “k”)

"OH MY GOD….the humiliation" said the cow” Michael Birt

“Here we have Stuntman Stu, winner of Schnoz 2008, consoling this years runner-up Sarah Jessica Parker” Gary McGregor