Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh well...there's always hockey eh?

As I write this, Canada is still without a medal at the Olympics and I'm not that broken up over it. I'd like to see our athletes leave the games with some hardware but am not going to fault any of them for not winning one. They train as hard as they can for 3 years (in some cases with far less available to them as other nations) sacrifice any kind of social life and live on very little income, and for what? To come home to a smart ass Canuck who says "Why didn't you try harder"? Imagine being Dylan Armstrong...who came within a centimetre of winning Bronze in the shot put today.

A centimetre!

You don't think that's going to eat at him for the next 4 years? Now I'm just as guilty as most and don't pay much attention to the athletes outside of the games and while I admire what they do, I watch the Olympics for the event that it is and nothing more. Shift gears to hockey on the world stage and my opinion changes dramatically where it's a letdown if Canada doesn't win Gold every time. The one thing I'll pledge to do in the next few years (leading up to 2010, 2012) is continue to shop with retailers that support Canada's Olympic program.

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