Sunday, October 26, 2008

A meat lovers chapter

We arrive at the Hershey Center and it’s a is a beautiful rink, like a miniature version of an NHL arena. This afternoon’s crowd is sparse compared to the full house last night in Barrie. Today I’m helping out Jon Abbott on the Team 1200 broadcast by keeping track of the goals. He doesn’t really need my help, but I need to justify the 37 slices of pizza I’ve had since boarding the bus Friday night.

When St. Mike’s goes on the power play I hear a familiar sound, it’s the Senators chimes and the Dean Brown”POWER PLAYYYYY”. Sens owner Eugene Melnyk also owns the Majors, although no sign of Spartacat.

Game ends, the 67’s lose 2-0 and finish the weekend 2-1.

It’s been a fun roadtrip and regardless of whatever paths these kids take later in life, for the time that they wear a 67’s uniform they will be better men for doing so. There’s an old school feel to the way Killer conducts business with his troops and he seems treats his players well. My sincere thanks to Brian Kilrea and the entire 67’s staff for allowing me to experience a roadtrip.

Thanks to Rogers wireless for their help while blogging this weekend.