Sunday, October 26, 2008

A meat lovers pizza..part 2

67’s 4, Barrie Colts 2.

While the Sens fall to the Leafs, Ottawa’s other team beat the Colts and the bus ride back to the hotel is filled with even more food than the night before. The satellite gets fired up with a number of games still in progress and watching hockey with junior players is no different then sitting around with your buddies. There’s a huge “shut-up” yelled from the back as former London Knight Sam Gagner is about to take a penalty shot on Roberto Luongo. Gagner misses and the critics (on the bus) start on how, why, and what he should have done.

Day 2....

It’s now mid morning following breakfast where team trainer Brian Patafie continues to set new buffet records in the amount of food consumed in one sitting. Killer reminds us that the bus leaves for the rink at noon and only says it once. You don't want to be the guy that has to ask twice.

The 67’s face Eugene Melnyk's St.Mikes Majors this afternoon.

To be continued....