Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cherry said what?

By now Sens fans have heard Don Cherry's comments about Mike Fisher and how the players were dressed heading into Scotiabank Place prior to last Saturday's game. It doesn't take a genius to understand how broadcasting works in this day and age. Say something so ridiculous and the media outlets will pickup on it (like throwing scraps of food at pigeons) we wasted 2 segments on this today and the 5 minutes it's taking me to write this, I'll likely never get back.

I'm okay with the mustache wearing Sens rolling into the rink riding donkeys and wearing sombreros, as long as they win the game. I believe players should wear suits as a matter of
respect, but will cut them some slack for dressing appropriately for WINTER.

Now coming up on this weekend's Coaches Corner watch Grapes:

1. Bark like a dog
2. Burp the alphabet ($10 says he'd only make it to J)
3. Call out some NHLer who isn't from North America

I appreciate Don for what he is and just like eating pizza or hot dog during the intermission, Cherry is comfort food that we know is bad for us but we still eat it anyways. Since the King of Canadian fashion is calling out players for how they dress, I'd like to call out the PA announcer of the Leafs for being way too over the top. "you're Tarannna Maple Leeeeefs...arggggghhhh".

That, ladies and gentlemen is the best example of the pot calling the kettle black and a fun poke at Andy Frost who does a great job, despite the fact that he announces for the Blue Team. Speaking of which, I wonder when former Leaf Mats Sundin will make his announcement?

Oh never mind.