Monday, December 29, 2008

Ottawa hockey fans are dumb...

I was asked over the weekend how announcing at the World Juniors compares to working during the Sens run in the Stanley Cup finals 2 years ago. It's a different type of feeling announcing a Canadian goal, knowing every hockey fan from across the country is cheering along and while the players won't settle for anything less then gold, rest assured neither will I. Selfishly, like all Sens fans I desperately wanted to announce "Now, please welcome your Stanley Cup champion Ottawa Senators" and while it looks like that won't happen again for a while (given their struggles this season) here's hoping team Canada can not only make it to the gold medal game, but win it all.

If you were at the Kazakhstan/Canada game you would have heard me say after a penalty ended "The Teams are now playing at equal strength". My blackberry light up immediately with the following:

"No $&#& Sherlock"
"Thanks Tips"
"Great, are there 2 bluelines too!"

When I found out about the IIHF's rule prior to the game I was convinced they were pulling my leg and it was a joke.

Who is this announcement supposed to benefit?
The coaches know when the play is back to 5 on 5
The players know when the play is back to 5 on 5
The fans can clearly count 5 players on each side

One guy wrote me with this:

"Hey Stuntclown, do you think Ottawa hockey fans are dumb or what? You are announcing the obvious you moron".

I don't think Ottawa hockey fans are dumb and if your going to another game, let Stuntclown advise you that there will be 2 zamboni's on the ice during the intermission.