Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sens fans spoiled?

Have Sens fans had it too good?

From coming back into the NHL in 92-93, it only took the club 5 years to make the playoffs and 10 years after that they went to the Stanley Cup finals. Fans are calling for everyone's heads and while Spezza, Heatley and the Captain are having an off year, so is the rest of the club.

There's plenty of other teams who fail to make the playoffs and rebuild. Which leads me to my question, have Sens fans been spoiled? A trip to the finals will do that to a fanbase, and while it's tough to be so close and not win, ask Vancouver Canuck fans what it's been like for them.

They've been in the NHL 39 years and have only been to the finals twice, coming up short both times. Do fans in that city call in to the radio during the lean years and want the coach or star player fired? Sure they do. You think Montreal has been a fun place to play up until last year? I doubt it. A fun past time in Ottawa has been making fun of the Leafs last Cup win in 67, but they still come out night after night.

This is unfamiliar territory for Sens fans right now, watching their team slide into the NHL basement. It's okay to vent and be disappointed but stay with your team. When the Sens do eventually win a Cup, you'll enjoy it more.