Saturday, June 13, 2009

What to do with that Heatley jersey...

I took some heat (no pun intended) for putting my own name on my jersey last year. All the typical comments came in:

"What, are you 5 years old?"
"Only a loser puts his name on the back of a jersey"

So, with a closet full of "Stuntman", last fall I bought an Alfredsson 3rd jersey. I was asked by a few people, why not Heatley or Spezza? I figured Alfie will likely retire as a Senator and it was a safe bet.

Heatley doesn't want to play in Ottawa, fine. Before you leave though, maybe Bryan Murray should have #15 work the Sens store for a week so the thousands who did buy his jerseys can trade them in for a guy who wants to stay here.