Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't look down....

Bucket list #145 "Learn how to ski"

After a conversation on our radio show back in January, I revealed to Sandy Sharkey that while I've played hockey my entire life, I've never been on ski's. Enter Super Dave, an instructor at Camp Fortune in Chelsea, Quebec who called to offer a lesson. Sandy, who's been on ski's before thought a lesson from a pro couldn't hurt, agreed to keep me company. I Show up today thinking we would try on some ski's, go on the bunny hill and call it a day. Dave's suggestion was wear a helmet and I'll teach you how to ski. I've had golf instructors quit on me because I don't do so well in the hand/eye co-ordination department. I told Super Dave (who by the way, answers his cell "Super Dave here...") to explain how to stop and pretend you're explaining it to a 4 year old. He offers a food analogy who showed me how to stop by making a pizza with my ski's and the next thing I know were on the top of the mountain (ok, it seemed like the peak to me) and after the first run I was good to go a few more times. Dave's assessment after today was 8 and a half out of 10 for this beginner (which was probably more like a 4) but the point is, if you want to try something in life, do it. This way when you're 85 you can lie to your grandkids and say you did the double black diamond on a nice day in March way back in 2010.

(person in photo is not Stuntman Stu, but a slightly more experienced skier)