Monday, March 1, 2010

I'll have Gold pint please...

The celebs were out in full force for the Gold medal game, including Hollywood actor Vince Vaughn. He was taunting the crowd during Friday's semifinal and prior to Sunday's game I asked if he would autograph my "Hockey is Canada's Game" sign. He said "C'mon know I can't do that, I'll get in trouble.." So, I offered option B. Pose for a photo with me or I call in the RCMP. He smiled, gave me the OK and I put my blackberry camera into motion. I tried to get him to sign it after the game, but decided I didn't need an ass kicking from an A list star.

Bryan Adams was 2 boxes over and was kind enough to pose and sign. Late in the 3d period I was waving the sign and he motioned to me to hold it up so he could take a picture on his blackberry. Here I'm thinking, how cool is this, Bryan Adams is taking a photo of my sign that he signed...

Mr. Adams is likely looking at his phone today thinking, "Why did I take a photo of this guy?"


While Team Canada captain Scott Neidemayer was skating with the flag I kept thinking this is too good to be true. The perfect ending to a typical Canadian hockey story. Many of you reading this grew up hearing about Paul Henderson's goal in 72. On Sunday Feb 28th 2010, a new page was written where years from now you'll be able to say where you were when you saw it.

I was in the rink, surrounded by USA fans. How sweet it is.

After the game we sat in a bar still amazed from what we saw. Congrats to all the Canadian athletes who made the journey to Vancouver. Regardless of how you finished, you made the country proud.

Paralympics start next week, I'll be back to work those as a PA announcer for men's sledge hockey.

No pressure boys...but let's see if we can go 3 for 3 in hockey.