Monday, April 26, 2010

All in, All Red....till next season....

Another Senators season in the books and it was fun while it lasted. For next season, I'm preparing a short list of improvements that I plan to submit to Mr. Melnyk:

1. A new HD scoreboard

2. Replacing the popcorn at Scotiabank Place with the kettle chips that suiteholders get.

3. Replacing Sparty's silly string with mustard for Leaf fans. No stain remover on the planet can ever get rid of a mustard stain.

4. Ushers forcing fans who want to leave early back to their seats (unless they have to get home to a babysitter).

5. A gigantic dome for the parking lot, or make the team play only road games in January.

6. The ability for the PA announcer to add "are you kidding me ref?" to a bogus call on the Sens.

7. New intermission contest idea: Zamboni smash up derby.

8. If the Sens are losing, Sparty is allowed to aim the master blaster at the visiting bench.

9. Sandy Sharkey would like the imported beers priced the same as domestic....better chance of the Sens winning 4 straight Cups, but she wanted to be on this list.

10. An NHL all star game. Carolina has it next season, but you think a team that has been in the league almost 20 years could eventually get one.