Thursday, April 8, 2010

Coming soon to a theatre near you....

Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. is in town filming "Sacrifice" and Sandy and I got the chance at two seconds of fame by being cast as extras in the movie.

Since we have no formal training, we were given the very difficult role of playing members of the media. Our scene involves us running down the stairs with a bunch of people and Cuba running in the opposite direction, almost knocking over Sandy and I in the process. Since we've never shared the screen with an Oscar winner, we weren't sure what to expect. I've heard stories that you can't talk to some big stars and some of them don't even want you to make eye contact with them, but on this day he couldn't have been more gracious with all of us.

In this shot, Cuba (center) is rehearsing a fight scene.

Thank you to the gang from Zed Filmworks and Ilona from Smyth Casting for the incredible opportunity.

For more on Cuba's shoot yesterday, here's a story from the Ottawa Citizen.