Monday, January 29, 2007

Rough Rider return?

With the word that the Palmer group could be in the negotiating stages to bring football back to Ottawa in '08, I'd like to ask all pigskin fans in the city to add to this list of what's needed on Bank street. Here's what I have so far:

1. A better scoreboard, similar to the one in Hamilton.

2. A new sound system. Not a radio shack repair job on the old one, but a new one.

3. A giant shovel to clean up all the pigeon crap.

4. New seats for the whole stadium.

5. City hall to allow tailgaters to party in peace.

6. The Mayor to negotiate a better lease deal for the new owners.

7. The ability to tackle a city councillor if they reject item #6, but were in favor of the 7 million dollar footbridge spitting distance from the Laurier Bridge.

8. Tear down the Coliseum building for more parking.

9. No more bucket of chicken giveaways in the 3rd quarter.

10. Honor the old guys who won Grey Cups back in the day.

So that's all I got. If you're a blogger, please hit reply on the comments page or drop me a line at