Friday, February 2, 2007

Dumb husband

This past Wednesday night my wife and I had a disagreement. Actually, I was getting the gears and instead of walking away I chose to answer back.

Several times....

Thursday morning, seeing my deep interest in getting out of the doghouse Steve suggested his method, where he thinks about his fantasy baseball picks when his wife is letting him have it. The look of concern on his face would have some believe he actually cared, but he's really thinking "I wonder if I trade for Jeter, but I hate the Yankees...."

Buzz on the other hand, being a single Man-Ho (that's a me) offered the stellar piece of brilliance suggesting I carry a tape recorder on my waist and playback "Yes.....really....right....okay....". Well, I went to Best Buy and they were out of tape machines and since I don't do the fantasy baseball thing, I went with the classic when I got home yesterday:

"Honey, I'm an Idiot".

Despite the numerous suggestions from TGOR nation, I took a chance on this as opposed to flowers knowing full well that Valentines Day is less than 2 weeks away. In the last post I asked Ottawa football fans for their suggestions on what they would like to see done to the stadium if a team returns in 2008, now I need ideas for Valentines gifts.

Chocolates, flowers, dinner?? Best suggestion wins a sleeve of Top Flight XL distance golf balls that I got last summer at a tourney. They'll improve your drive by 3 yards.

If you're a blogger, just hit the comments button or send your ideas to