Sunday, April 15, 2007

Here we go...

A few hundred Ottawan's woke up a little sore this morning after falling off the bandwagon following yesterday's loss. I was expecting JR to host the post game show and pull another all nighter after some of the calls that came in. Geez, let's relax a little and hope for a better effort from the Sens in game 3 tonight in Pittsburgh.

FYI - We'll have tickets to win to game 5 on Thursday...

Here's some random shots from game 2.

The view from the stage just prior to giving away tickets behind the Penguins bench...(thx to Molson)

Happy Birthday to Eric, who celebrates his 10th today...

The Team 1200 broadcasting live...(Left to Right Mike Eastwood, Sun's Chris Stevenson & Bruce Garrioch and Steve Lloyd.

The Team 1200's Gord Wilson.

72 year old Gordie recently had a face lift, hence the perma smile.

One of the perks of sitting in the pressbox is the unlimited supply of popcorn. The one on the left is for the visiting reporters.

This was taken just before Angry Al showed up.

The pressbox fountain machine.

NHL rules state that no alcoholic beverages are to be served in the pressbox, but if you hit the "Soda" and "Water" at the same time and tap the machine twice....

These are notes for the media.

One of these days I plan to read them.

The Sun's Don Brennan during the intermission giving the media a sneak peak of what's hot for men for summer '07.

This is a microphone. I announce stuff into it.