Friday, April 13, 2007

Sid, morning stretch and fore....!

I'm not going to devote anymore of my Friday to the article in today's Citizen about booing Sid the Kid. We received a week's worth of emails and since Steve already wrote about it on his blog, the issue over.

At least until puck drop tomorrow.

Something happened during Wednesday night's 6-3 win. The Sens opened the 2007 playoffs with one of the strongest home games to date and Ottawa fans who are long known for being too conservative, not only gave it to Fleury all night but let #87 have it as well. Home ice advantage can be a monster for opposing teams if done right. Here's to the almost 20 thousand tomorrow afternoon who will no doubt be good and ready to get behind their team once again.

Oh, and on behalf of TGOR please accept our apology for Lou's morning stretch on today's show. Our producer Kenny let one slip through the cracks and has promised it will never happen again. Be warned though, there's a good chance it will make Monday's Plays of the Week which airs at the end of every hour.

On another note, for those of you who were wondering what Darcy Tucker and Mats Sundin have been up to since last Sunday: