Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sens win and Steve Warne is going to die...

Okay, so the subject line is a little harsh I know...but our happily married with hot wife TGOR host is going to regret watching the game on TV when he could have shared a moment with his all time favorite who came in for the game tonight. Yes, I'm talking about Elisha town for game 4.

Sorry, I don't have insane paparazzi zoom from the pressbox...

Our winners behind the New Jersey bench (thx to Molson)

The Team's AJ Jakubec hosting the pre-game show....and for those of you who catch the plays of the week on a regular basis, this is the man behind the message "Tell Hay-Bear he's a #$@%&!"

If Kiss and Twisted Sister combined to form a band, this would be it....GO SENS GO!