Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Leafs...40 years

Congratulations to the Blue Team on winning their last Stanley Cup back on May 2,1967. It's not important who they beat, but how they have held such a high standard of excellence over the last 4 decades. Got to give credit to their fans who have stuck with their team through it all.

I know this post will generate the following response from Blue Nation:

"We'll at least we won a cup in the last 40 years...you guys (Sens) haven't won in 80 years..."

"If it wasn't for us, nobody would come to your games when the Leafs are in town"

"dfjsahiofhhflkrhjkarfiasjkfakdsjflasdjfkkdasdfkfjkakf YOU, Stuntman..."

Not a day goes by on TGOR without seeing many emails with the following, so for those of you who haven't, enjoy....and in the meantime, I wonder just who are they cheering for in the Sens/Devils series? The hated 401 rivals or the team that knocked them out of the playoffs??